A Year of F150 Driving Data - D3.js

January 14th, 2014

Time to get a new year resolution out of the way (experimenting with D3.js). The following data tracks my driving habits over the last year starting on December 23, 2012 until present day. (Note: Google & NSA, this is my data not yours). Malcom Maclean's free book D3 Tips and Tricks proved to be a great starting point for digging into D3.js and I highly recommend it if you are just getting started.

Batman's Curve

"Easter egg" in one of the graphs, I've gone ahead and nicknamed it Batman's Curve. See if you can find it.
Spoiler: In the middle of price per gallon graph there are two peaks of about equal height making it look like bat ears.

Open Source

Interested in D3.js? View my data and source code on GitHub. Feel free to fork it and see what you are able to learn with D3.js and learn my driving habits.

The F40PH Thunders Forward

June 2nd, 2013

The initial process of unwrapping UV's and starting the texturing stage of the Amtrak F40PH.

Amtrak F40PH

CrowdPixel - Start Up Weekend

March 15th, 2013

My friend Brent, of Yapay, and I wanted to try our hand at start up weekend and see what we could hack together during the weekend. We built an iOS and Android prototype for CrowdPixel to build the worlds largest human billboard. In the 2012 London Olympics the opening ceremony featured a digital display in the crowd by using 9x9 LED squares. We threw out the expensive hardware and built a way for sporting venues to engange their audience with an app (non smartphones via website) and display an individual pixel color onto the device depending on the audience members seat location.

Another F40PH Friday Update

January 25th, 2013

Currently sitting at 25k tris and is about 98% complete for the exterior modeling. Texturing will be pretty straight forward as the liveries for a Phase III Amtrak F40PH had five colors of Red, White, Blue, Gray, and Black.

Current Progress check up: